Today I want to talk about Kristi Spessard.

Kristi is one of my favorite performers. She’s been a close friend and colleague since our time in graduate school together, and except for a movement choir that we worked on together in Berlin, our careers have  run on parallel tracks, but haven’t been able to cross until this project.

I wanted to work with her because she is always fiercely present in everything she does. She is a wild and wonderful performer and a deeply intelligent mover. Her work is usually inherently collaborative - she has worked with architects, photographers, theater makers, visual artists, and composers - and ranges from traditional concert works to flash mobs and movement choirs.

What is a Movement Choir? Here is a video of the Movement Choir Kristi and I worked on together, and you can read a bit about that project here.

I am so grateful to be working with Kristi and I hope you're as excited as I am about her involvement in this project!


D. Chase Angier
Angier Performance Works

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