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Kristi SpessardAbout Kristi Spessard Dance Projects

Kristi Spessard Dance Projects is an experimental dance group with an interest in challenging audience expectations. Their projects celebrate a large creative footprint and have related a forgotten floral language to audiences at TorNaDa Theater; detained window watchers on 42nd street; raised suspicion amongst police in Berlin’s Teirgarten; enticed partiers at Center for Architecture – NY; and woven word and imagery for theater and opera audiences alike. On stage and off, KSDP's inspirations are the intersections between the natural world, the built environment and human behavior.


KSDP has produced four full evening productions, Essentials of Flor (2011 & 2008) where flowers and urban myth take the stage; Gone Eatin' (2009), a Southern style cabaret rooted in food and culture; the wildly driven Coney’s Mind (2001 / 2003); and Topography – Landscapes of the Imagination (1998/99).

Artistic Director, Kristi Spessard Show business Weekly Magazine says “Spessard’s choreography is a triumph.” She has been creating and producing experimental solo and ensemble dance works since 1995. She creates choreography for dance, opera, theater and site specific events. She has been a featured cover artist of Ballet Tanz Magazine’s Yearbook and a featured artist on EGG the Arts Show.

Spessard is a two-time recipient of the Mabou Mines Suite Resident Artist program (2010/11 & 2007/08) and has been described by the New York Times as “evocative”


Spessard has also directed mass participation Flash Mobs and Movement Choirs in the United States and Germany. These dances bring together large numbers of participants (dancers and non-dancers) to create improvisational performances in public locations like: PS 10 Brooklyn, NY, Western Michigan State University's Richmond Gallery, New York's Washington Square Park, and Berlin's Tanzgarten.


Collaboration is the main spring board for all her dance works. She surrounds herself with collaborative artists in theater, visual arts & design and music in order to intersect ideas and fertilize the imaginative final product. Some of her long time collaborators include artists in architecture, photography, theater visual design and music: Illya Azaroff, Anja Hitzenberger, Sharon Fogarty, Kara Thurmond, Clarice Assad and Stefan Weisman.

Spessard’s entrance into dance was marked by national recognition. She is the recipient of an NEA/NALAA Arts Corp Fellowship, two North Carolina Dance Alliance Scholarship and an American College Dance Festival Scholars Award. Over the years her work has received funding the Jerome Foundation and the New York Department of Culture (through Mabou Mines), the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Field, SUNY Purchase Space Grant and many private foundations and individual donors. Kristi has a BA in Dance & BS in Biology from Mary Washington University, a MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University and is a Laban Certified Movement Analyst.

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