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We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations over the years, which have contributed to the ongoing success of Kristi Spessard Dance Projects.

Foundations & Organizations
Mabou Mines/Suite made possible by THE JEROME FOUNDATION, with public support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs



Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies

Galapagos Art Center

Center for Architecture / AIA-NY

Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs/NYC Department of Sanitation/NYC Department of Education

Emerging Artist Challenge Program grant from The Field

Harkness Space Grants at SUNY Purchase

Individual Donors

Barbara N. Mason                       Elihu Rose
Patricia and John Goberman        Norman Keller 
Denise Sobel                              Fancis and Kitty Nardi
Ted and Emma Colgate               Jane O'Shaughnessey
Chase Angier                             Cheryl Clark
Gregg Price                               Guta Hedewig
Jan Hammock                            Jen & Jonathan Forgash
Juegen Riehm                            Julia Pearlstein
Julianne O'Brien Pedersen           Julie Laurin
Kara Thurmond                          Lahney Preston-Matto
Linda McSwigan                         Livia Kamberos
Mauricio Pita                              Patricia Vankerckhove
Stefan Weisman                         Joan Sherman
Beverly Knobel                           Doug and Cathy Butler
William and Jennie Allman           Sydney Simpson  

Marissa Bartolucci                       Suzanne and Alan Lokos


Individuals contributing creative service to Kristi Spessard Dance Projects.

Illya Azaroff              Anja Hitzenberger
Kara Thurmond         Stefan Weisman
Matt Sarno                Edward Ratlif
Heather Harpham      Sharon Fogarty
Sean Bonney             Lutin Tanner
Patrick Shaw             Clarice Assad
Rachel Karp              Isabelle Boulton

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