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Public Dance Art Projects

I Direct and Choreograph Public Dance Art Projects.  These involve masses of people dancing together with a single focus using a collaborative imagination to create and perform something unique and surprising. I bring together communities and dancers of any background and experience. These Public Dances break down theatrical barriers between audiences and performers; challenge social concepts of how urban and natural spaces are used; and create feelings of unity and elation amongst participants and viewers.


The Flash Mob initiative was an invaluable, fun, inspirational, community building experience. It has not only brought our staff and school parents closer together but it has also made students aware of and excited about their parents' involvement in the total school experience. Flash mobs of this caliber should be embraced by every school community.

Laura Scott, Principal PS 10


Kristi took an very enthusiastic, somewhat uncoordinated, and mildly skittish group of parents, and molded them—with equal parts patience and joy—into the finest-tuned troupe of performers any elementary school play yard has ever seen.

Criswell Lappin, Parent & Flash Mob Participant




PS 10 FLASH MOB 2012

They called is a flash mob. We call it a victory for humankind. Behold the glory

Nona Brooklyn


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Not to be outdone by last years wildly successful flash mob - parents, teachers and staff conspired again to surprise the students at PS10 elementary school in Brooklyn New York with a marching drumming band, choreographed dancers, live music and a parade that everyone marched in!


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Box Redux Movement Choir

Box Redux Movement Choir involved 300 student participants from The Direct Encounter with the Arts Class, interacting with Julia Christensen's Box Redux Installation at the Richmond Gallery, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI. 3/12, 2010


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Connecting Landscapes – 

Berlin/New York Movement Choir.

Two Movement Choirs, one in New York City the other in Berlin, create a movement dialogue between the two international cities.

Directed Co-Choreographed by Kristi Spessard in collaboration with Center for Architecture – NY; Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies) and URBANCHOIR.

Filmed at Washington Square Garden, New York City & Tanzgarten & Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin Germany.


Click here for video.


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